Questions and Answers

What are Valiani machines used for?

The Valiani flatbed cutting systems comprises a range of user-friendly equipment ideal for short run production, graphics finishing, packaging samples, display and mock ups.


What can Valiani machines cut?

Cardboard and Matboard, Corrugated board and Packaging samples, Rigid materials such as Vinyl, Forex ®,  PVC, Polypropylene, Corrugated plastic, Foam board, Gator board, Crystal decoration Stickers, Leather.


Which plotting process can Valiani machine do?

Tangential Cutting, Half-cutting, V-groove, Creasing, V-Cuts, Drawing and Embossing/Debossing.


Do Valiani machines have additional tools?

Thanks to it’s patented magnetic system , changing tools is easy and fast, in less than 10 sec, and without needing to recalibrate the machine you can swap from cutting to creasing.


Which tools are available?

Green heads – 40° beveled cut

Red heads – 45° beveled cut

Blue heads – 45° reverse beveled cut

Grey heads – 90° Tangential Straight cut

Purple heads – Embossing/Debossing tool

Gold heads – Pen holder

Brown heads – Creasing tool


What sizes are available?

Valiani machines are available in a range of sizes to suit a number of applications. Please check machine specifications for precise details.


Which media holding system is used?

Some Valiani machines are fitted with both a vacuum and pneumatic clamping system whilst others have only a pneumatic clamping system. Please check machine specifications.


Can the machines cut pre-printed material?

Valiani machines can be fitted with a camera for crop mark detection. The camera, in combination with specific software, can detect crop marks and perform contour cuts and creasing around pre-printed media.


Is any operating software supplied with the machine?

Yes. All machines are delivered with V-Studio software. It’s an easy to use software, developed by Valiani, that comes with specific apps according to the job to be performed. Currently it’s available only for Window platform. Machine/PC connection is made through a USB port.


Which Graphic Design Software is compatible with V-Studio?

V-Studio is compatible with Illustrator® and Corel DRAW®, using SVG and PLT file formats.


How do the machines react to a print skew deformation?

OptiCrop software using 4 crop marks is capable of correcting distortion between printed graphics and contour cutting.


What is in the standard machine pack?        

All Valiani machines are supplied as standard with one cutting tool, the base and V-Studio Software; V-Series also includes a vacuum pump (2 pumps for Geminus). Options that can be supplied at extra charge include air compressor, computer, PC desk, additional tools and OptiCrop software.


What are the benefits when buying a Valiani?

Excellent cost/quality ratio
Low running costs
Ability to process a wide array of materials
Large range of tools offered
Quick set-up
No need to outsource Die cutting processes