Valiani Geminus iV

The Geminus-iV is a dual heads flatbed cutting system, ideal for customers who want to combine high speed performance with incomparable flexibility. A wide selection of tool heads, robust mechanics, high precision, a large vacuum worktable and the capability to handle a large variety of materials are all the characteristics that makes of this machine a perfect solution for the offset/digital printing industries and the packaging market.


Equipped with two independent heads and a permanent pen holder it means no interruption during the work cycle. These characteristics  translate into a machine, the Geminus-iV, able to perform:


Cutting, Half-cutting and Creasing
Crop Mark Detection


It is fitted with:

2 media hold down systems: Clamping & Vacuum.
2 independent tool head holders
A permanent pen holder ( accessories at extra charge)


One large worktable 1250x1900mm, two distinct cutting areas with three independent vacuum sections each, combined with a fold away clamping system, ensure an efficient media holding system over a wide variety of materials.


The Geminus-iV can be effectively used on a broad range of materials such as;


Cardboard and Matboard
Corrugated board and Packaging samples
Rigid materials such as Vinyl, Forex ®,  PVC and Polypropylene
Corrugated plastic
Foam board and Gator board
Crystal decoration Stickers


V-Studio, the Valiani software (standalone software currently available only for Windows), thanks an easy-to-use interface, dedicated features and complete integration with Illustrator® and Corel DRAW®  files (SVG and PLT), is the perfect solution for clients who would like to use it immediately.


Geminus-iV comes as standard with a camera for crop mark detection. This device, used in combination with OptiCrop* software, can perform contour cutting and creasing around pre-printed media. The software reads register marks on a wide variety of materials such as;


Special vinyl (Type 1-2-3)
Reflective materials
Direct-Coupled materials
Multi coloured printed artwork



OptiCrop, using 4 distinct markers (round or square) and advanced technology, guarantees incredible precision in cut alignment and compensation for printing deformation. OptiCrop detects register marks with a maximum tilt angle of up to 45°.


The m3 software provides an easy way to work with over than 500 preloaded 3D designs. The wide selection of Packaging samples allows the user to quickly create artwork, show in 3D view, cut and deliver a product technically correct in the shortest time.


The Geminus-iV has been designed with the aim of increasing the production capabilities of medium sized businesses who are searching for a versatile product. The plotter fully supports the Interchangeable Heads® System, providing clients with the widest range of tools for machines in its class.


With almost 40 years of experience in machinery design and construction , the Geminus-iV confirms Valiani’s leadership in building reliable and innovative equipment.


Working area: 1250mm x 1900 mm


Height:       960 mm (34”)

Width:        2550 mm (100.4”)

Depth:        1870 mm (73,6”)

Weight:       240 kg. (440 lbs.)



Maximum speed: 1200 mm/sec.  (47” inch/sec)

Pneumatic pressure: 6 Bar (90 PSI)

Electrical requirements:

3 Phase + PE        208V/60Hz/32A    4KVA or

3 Phase + PE       400V/50Hz/16A    4KVA

Max cutting Capability; 5mm